It is known that srikakulam mp seat in uttarandhra is a stronghold of TDP. It is the seat that the party has won the most number of times. And in the entire political history of tdp, only one Kinjarapu family has won from srikakulam mp seat for almost a hundred years. ruled First, the late leader Erranna Naidu worked as an mp for almost a decade and a half, while his son Rammohan Naidu served two terms for ten years. He made a political entry in 2014 and won again in 2019. 

If he wins in 2024, he will become a hat-trick MP. But this time it is known that some political gatherings have become very difficult for him. The tdp gave the Patapatnam and srikakulam assembly seats to the new ones instead of the old ones. andhra pradesh tdp president Achchennaidu is behind this. Rebels got angry. Protests were also made. But former mla Kalamata Venkata ramana was appeased and given the post of district president.

Although he calmed down a bit, there are criticisms that he did not work for the tdp candidate of Patapatnam MLA. Looking at the polling, it is said that tdp votes have been crossed for ycp candidate reddy Shanti. And the question here is where did the mp votes go? Although it was decided to vote for Rammohan K for the mp, it is known that the Kalamata faction was impatient, so they would have cast cross votes. There is a debate about how many votes of Old Patnam will fall to the MP.

In srikakulam, former minister Gunda Appala Suryanarayana's family is said to have been angry with ycp because of the injustice done to them by not giving tickets this time. If you look at the polling, it is clear that cross voting has been done in favor of ycp candidate Dharmana Prasada Rao. It is also said that apart from Rammohan, ycp candidate has cross voted for Pedada Tilak. Therefore, the debate has become about how many votes the tdp mp will get from the two key assembly segments.

But the cross vote was done at the same level for the tdp mp from YCP. It is known that there was cross voting for tdp mp from srikakulam Narasannapetala with the lack of awareness among Dharmana Kinjarapu families and also in other places also there was heavy cross voting from ycp in favor of Rammohan.

With this the big question is who will win in the order of the votes of the opposition parties. Anyway, Rammohan is looking to win and stand as a hat-trick MP. But this time, it is known that this social group, which is the largest in the district, has worked beyond parties to make Pedada Tilak, who belongs to the Kalinga community, as MP. Let's see what the result is going to be on june 4.

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