This is how sanjay singh addressed the voters...

During a rally of india Alliance in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, AAP leader and rajya sabha mp sanjay singh fiercely attacked BJP. He said that some are car thieves, some are gold thieves and some are bike thieves but the bjp party is a thief. He alleged that bjp stole sharad pawar ji's watch and Udbhav thackeray ji's bow and arrow. AAP mp sanjay singh appealed to the people and said that the bail of party thieves has to be confiscated. He also took a dig at PM Modi's guarantee and appealed to the people to vote in favor of the india alliance.

Sanjay Singh's attack on BJP

Addressing a rally of india Alliance in Bhiwandi, sanjay singh said, "Chhatrapati shivaji Maharaj has given only one lesson. Only one message has been given. No forgiveness for traitors. What did PM Modi and bjp people do here? shiv sena stole uddhav Thackeray's arrow bow, Sharad Pawar's watch. These are as many watch thieves and bow and arrow thieves as they are. Explain to them the message of shivaji Maharaj and by confiscating their election deposits, tell them that bjp is not going to win even a single seat in Maharashtra.

There is no control on PM Modi's language- Sanjay Singh

Sanjay Singh further said, “Today Eknath Shinde Saheb has taken Shiv Sena. The joke goes on. Slogans are raised in the assembly. These people are indian hollow party. That is why I have come to appeal to you that the prime minister of the country is continuously losing in different election phases. That's why he has no control over his tongue. sharad pawar ji is called a wandering soul. uddhav thackeray is called fake Shiv Sena. They are wishing for the death of Sharad Pawar. You can answer with your vote how much power the Marathi people and sharad pawar have.

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