Along with the stone, the wire is wrapped around the body.!! 

People who commit suicide don't do this - Thirunavukarasar

Thirunavukkarasar said that prime minister Modi was unable to answer because rahul gandhi was talking about Modi with evidence and said that because of this he was not ready to come for a face-to-face discussion.

Not ready for a face-to-face discussion

Senior congress leader Thirunavukarasar met the media regarding the political situation in tamil Nadu and Modi's election campaign. Speaking at that time, he said that prime minister Modi could not respond to rahul gandhi because he was talking about Modi in the election campaign with evidence. Because of this, he was criticized as not ready to come to a face-to-face debate. Senior congress leader Jayakumar died mysteriously in his garden in Nellai and his body was wrapped with stones along with wires. And his body was cremated.

It's not suicide, it's murder

No one who commits suicide would do this, so this incident is murder. Therefore, he requested the tamil Nadu government to quickly find the culprits. Most people assume that LTTE leader Prabhakaran is dead. A few say they are alive. In any case, the killing of rajiv gandhi and the killing of one and a half lakh Tamils in Mullivaikal are condemnable. Thirunavukkarasar emphasized that the world countries and the central government should take steps to declare the area inhabited by Tamils in sri lanka as a separate country.

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