Heavy rain!Do you know which tourist places in tamil Nadu are banned? 

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In tamil Nadu, people were planning to travel to foreign places to escape from the heat, but due to heavy rains, tourists have been advised to avoid visiting ooty, kodaikanal and Courtalam areas.

Sun and rain

Tamil Nadu has been suffering from scorching heat for the past few months, but now summer rains are pouring all over tamil Nadu. Due to this, water is flowing on the roads in many places. Catchment areas are filling up fast. red Alert and Orange Alert have been issued in some places by the Meteorological Department. After this, the district administration issued a heavy rain warning to the people of that area.

In that regard, it has been requested on behalf of the district collector to avoid the arrival of tourist activities as there is a possibility of two consecutive days of rain in the Nilgiris district. Landslides have also occurred in many places due to heavy rains. The ooty Hill train service has also been canceled for two days.

kodaikanal ooty entry

Rock fall accident in Kodaikanal

Due to heavy rains in kodaikanal for the past few days, tourists are unable to visit the tourist spots. Traffic has also been affected due to rocks falling on the roads at a few places. Due to this, the state disaster department has advised tourists to avoid visiting areas including kodaikanal for the next two days.

Flooding in Courtalam

Similarly, heavy rain is falling in Courtalam area of tenkasi district. Due to this, it is prohibited for public to bathe in the main waterfall, Old Courtalam, Chirataruvi, Aindaruvi, waterfalls in the Courtalam. The ban has been in place for the past two days due to the risk of flooding at the falls.

Ooty train service

Kumbakarai, Meghamalai barrier

Next, in Dindigul and Theni districts, due to continuous rains, most of the waterfalls there have been flooded. The ban imposed two days ago has been lifted in Kumbakarai Falls, but now the ban has been re-imposed. Similarly, tourists have been denied entry to Chinnasuruli Falls and Meghamalai Falls due to flooding.

Chaturagiri banned

Similarly, in Virudhunagar district, public has been advised not to go to tourist areas including Shasta Temple, Ayyanar Temple, Chenbagathoppu, Thaniparai, Chathuragiri Sundaramakalingam Temple, Plavakkal Dam, Kovilaru Dam, Kattazhagar Temple. Public has also been requested not to enter water bodies like rivers and ponds as a warning of heavy rain has been issued.

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