Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra reddy informed that the tdp government is making allegations only as a conspiracy.. lokesh is posting false posts on social media about them. Fools like nara lokesh have informed that where are the people with low intelligence that is why they keep calling him Pappu Lokesh. Uma devineni also served as Irrigation minister for five years. Peddireddy informed that since 2013, we have been doing business in Africa and all the vehicles and missionaries are being sent from bombay port.. Ferro Manganese and Silicon mining projects are being sent to foreign countries.

Peddireddy was fired that ycp leaders are fleeing to other countries and even the green papers are promoting in a very brotherly manner.. What did you do as a minister for five years? bjp leader has vote in Hyderabad. Peddireddy Ramachandra reddy was fired saying that he has been a union leader here since his student days and is doing politics here by voting for Chandrababu in Hyderabad.

After the results of the elections on the fourth of next month, where will you put your faces? They said that the polling rate has also increased due to the welfare we have done.. Let's talk about the result on the fourth. He said. He informed that we are getting most of the seats because of everyone's hard work. Peddireddy also got fired up saying that chandrababu naidu is causing most of the clashes.

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