Dhimani says that the elections held in andhra pradesh this time had a record level of polling. The increase in voter turnout is said to be the reason for the opposition to the government. No one can understand why there is so much slowness in the original pictures.. But it seems that there are many reasons behind this. Especially Jagan's comments when he went to the IPAC office three days after the ap elections, surprised everyone.

After that, there is a discussion about jagan going to London. It is said that the 151 assembly seats won in 2019 will get more seats than the 22 mp seats.. Especially, the whole country will look towards ap in this election as never seen in their five years rule. However, no counters were received from the telugu desam party on Jagan's comments.. That's why there is a discussion on Jagan's Dhima.. Actually, it seems that YS jagan did not make this statement out of surprise.

Before the polling, exit polls have also conducted three types of surveys to know the voting patterns of the voters, not for propaganda or hype. In addition to I Pack media and sakshi media surveillance system, various types of surveys were conducted to know the mood of the voters with some other organizations. It seems that large-scale surveys were also conducted in 175 constituencies. A special app has also been created for that.. in which the information has been fully analyzed on the increased voting percentage in the women's voting village and the seats won by the ycp and the seats won by the alliance. That's why it seems that jagan has made such a bold statement. But the tdp Janasena leaders are not able to give proper counters on this matter.

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