Balaramakrishna gave a tough competition beyond expectations..!?

- Battula Balaramakrishna is contesting for janasena from Rajanagaram.

- ycp Jakkampudi raja is in a tough fight on Godari.

- Recognized as one of the unstoppable mass leaders in ap Janasena

It must be said that the leader who started his reign as an MPTC in ycp is contesting as an mla candidate from Jana Sena and is showing dots for the same ycp on the banks of Godavari. Who is that leader? No.. Battula Balaramakrishna is contesting for janasena from Rajanagaram in east godavari district. Balaramakrishna, who previously won as MPTC from ycp, used to do politics near ycp leader Jakkampudi Raja, who is currently mla of Rajanagaram. After that, there was a gap between them both. Immediately Balramakrishnawho was covered with a Jana Sena scarf, stormed into the constituency.

Being a mass leader, he went into the crowd much faster than expected. Even when there was no alliance with the telugu Desam Party, Rajanagaram was one of the constituencies where janasena was strong, which means that Battula Balaramakrishna had a hard time there. As expected from earlier, the Rajanagaram seat was allotted to Janasena. From there, the name of pawan kalyan Battula Balaramakrishna was finalizedNormally, judging by the form of Jakkampudi Raja, it was thought that it would not be possible for anyone to give him a minimum competition.

Moreover, former mla Pendurthi venkatesh from TDP was once thrown under the yoke. Until Boddu Venkataramana Chaudhary came, tdp was not even there. At that time Balaramakrishna gave a very tough fight, raising doubts whether the janasena would at least give a contest. Balaramakrishna also got full support from Boddu Venkataramana Chaudhary, who was appointed as the in-charge of Rajanagaram telugu Desam Party.

However, it is a constituency with a majority of upper castes.. and Pawan is also contesting from the Godari district.. with the support of the tdp in-charge. tdp cadre support, Balaramakrishna gave a tough competition here beyond expectations. Will ycp defeat Jakkampudi in tomorrow's election and become a giant killer?   

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