Will Kalavathi score a hat trick in Palakonda..!?

• Who rules Palakonda..?

• Will Kalavati's tearful sentiment work out..?

• Will Jayakrishna tighten his grip on Janasena..?

  Palakonda constituency is very important among st reserved constituencies in Andhra Pradesh. Vishvasarai Kalavati, the ycp candidate for the last two terms, has already contested in this constituency. She is trying to score a hat-trick by winning for the third time as well. And let's see the details of whether Kalavathi will score a hat trick or if she will fall before Jana Sena candidate Jaya Krishna. Palakonda is also one of the ST-reserved constituencies in Parvathipuram Manyam district. Currently, politics here are very heated. tdp has a stronghold in this constituency. Nimmaka Gopala Rao won four times as mla in this region. But this time Nimmaka Gopala Rao's son Nimmaka Jaya Krishna was expected to get a ticket on behalf of TDP. But as part of the alliance, it went to the janasena party, so Jayakrishna joined the janasena and got a ticket there. Jayakrishna, who has been struggling for a long time, contested the 2014 and 2019 elections and lost. Vishwasarai Kalavathi, who is currently the sitting mla, has already won twice. This time too the competition intensified in the form of Jayakrishna at the moment when he thought he would win.

  Palakonda Constituency has four mandals namely Palakonda, Bamini, Veeraghattam and Seethampeta. There are a total of 1,94,000 voters here. Out of this, there are 94,900 males and 99,300 females. When it comes to social groups, 32 percent belong to lower social groups. Boya Valmiki has 22%, Koppula velama 11%, Kondadora 16%, Kondu 5% and others 14%. In 2014, Vishwasarai Kalavathi contested from YSRCP. She got 55337 votes. Nimmaka Jayakrishna who contested from TDP got 53,717 votes. Kalavati got the majority with 1620. And when it comes to 2019, Kalavathi got 72,054 votes. Jayakrishna got 54,074 votes. This time Kalavati won again with a majority of 17900. In this election, while Kalavati is contesting from ycp for the third time, Jayakrishna is contesting from the janasena Party.



  Kalavati, the rock of faith who still won twice, faced tremendous opposition. There is also a misconception that the development of the constituency has been forgotten due to many irregularities like sand dandas and land grabbing. She offered to vote in tears in 2014 and said that no one cared about me because she could not develop with the tdp government. In 2019, the ycp won again and was in power but did not do any development work for the constituency. Especially since it is an ST-reserved constituency, engineering colleges, degree colleges, and markets have failed to be brought here. Especially in the forest areas, there are many difficulties due to the lack of road facilities. So this time Vishwasarai Kalavathi is likely to face a setback there. However, he did not leave the constituency like a tyrant. Staying in the constituency for the last ten years, he supported the cadre no matter what the difficulties. He became very close to the people by pointing out the mistakes Kalavati was making from time to timeIn addition to this, Simpati, who has been defeated twice, this time tdp, BJP, and janasena are contesting together is the main common factor. So the people there say that Nimmaka Jayakrishna has won this time.

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