Political or ethnic attack? let's understand...

We all know that Lalu Yadav's politics has been based on MY factor. Another caste slogan of Lalu Yadav's party was, "Clean out the brown hair". There is little talk about this in political circles. In the context of this slogan, it has to be said that whenever Lalu Yadav shows activism in politics, the impact of this slogan will be seen in the communities. This happens because RJD tries to pursue identity politics. Now Lalu Yadav has less influence in his party, whereas Tejashwi Yadav is listened to more. We can know a lot by knowing the characteristics of rohini Acharya's saran seat. Before Rohini, Lalu Yadav's Samadhi had contested elections from Saran's seat.

This seat is considered to be the family seat of Lalu Yadav. This means that his family member fights from here. To ensure victory, efforts have always been made to get the people there to vote in the name of caste. This effort was repeated again in these elections, but due to the wave of nationalism, the caste frenzy did not flare up.   There is a thing called under-current. Which flows among people but is not talked about. One such under-current issue has been ram Mandir. The number of people who recite Ramcharitmanas is more among Yadavs than among Brahmins and Rajputs.

After this undercurrent and construction of the ram temple, these voters were slipping from their hands and going to the other side. This can be called an effort to stop this. But if this incident happens after the elections, rohini Acharya will not get any benefit from this incident. Yes, if this incident had happened earlier then perhaps a consolidation of votes would have happened in favor of Rohini, but now the matter is closed in EVM.

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