How are leaders using AI and deepfakes in elections?

On one hand, the lok sabha elections 2024 are being talked about by PM narendra modi Rahul gandhi and other leaders, while on the other hand, AI-generated videos and deep fake videos are also in the news. There is a discussion in the world about how AI and deepfakes are changing politics.

On Uncut, Bhupinder Soni had a special conversation with Divyendra Singh Jadaun, who is known as The indian Defaker. Divyendra runs his own company which works on AI to deepfake technology. They provide their services from bollywood to cyber security and politics. In a conversation with Divyendra Singh Jadaun, we came to know how this deepfake technology works, how leaders use it in elections and what kind of services they are providing to the leaders through AI.

First, know what is this deepfake?

The Indian deepfaker Divyendra Singh Jadaun said deepfake is made up of two things. Deep means deep learning. Fake was added because the content created was not genuine but fake. That is why it is called deepfake. Superimposing the face of one person on another in a video is possible because of deepfake technology. However, this work can also be done with traditional VFX. But one thing is missing – emotional. Deepfake also captures emotions. Emotion is such a thing that only AI algorithms can capture, this is its speciality. Then later voice cloning was also added to it and then AI's own voice was also included in it. That means a video that looks exactly like the original is created.

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