Jagan is confident that he will definitely come back to power in AP. ycp leaders are also feeling that their party is in power again in the state. However, the betting trend is not completely favorable to Jagan. The comments are showing that they don't trust jagan as much as they trust the Betting Rayul alliance. It seems that some tdp leaders are calling the ycp leaders and throwing too many challenges.
If the tdp leaders are slow about betting, the ycp does not show that slowness at all. It is noteworthy that comments are being expressed that even tdp sympathizers are trying to put tension on ycp in this way. After cm YS jagan said that the history of ycp will be rewritten in the state, it seems that tdp is also getting a little tense about the results.
Even though ycp leaders are not interested in betting, they say that the power belongs to them. The comments show that the leaders of their own party cannot believe that ycp will win 151 mla seats and 22 mp seats. But in the form of the results of the fourth day, it will be clear which party leaders' belief will be true. It remains to be seen whether jagan will maintain his credibility in terms of seats.
Information is being received that many ycp leaders feel satisfied if ycp comes to power. Many of the ycp leaders are of the opinion that there is little chance of Jagan's words coming true after the ap polls. It seems that many alliance leaders feel that the situation will be in their favor in postal ballot votes. We have to wait for another 10 days to know whether Jagan's belief will come true or the alliance's calculations will come true.

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