Sharad Pawar said, 'People should support rahul Gandhi...'

Lok Sabha elections in maharashtra have ended in five phases. Voting is yet to take place for two phases in other states. Amidst the 2024 elections, sharad pawar has given a big statement about congress leader rahul Gandhi.In an interview, Pawar said, "It is only the prime minister who makes fun of rahul Gandhi. He is called a prince etc. Leaving aside the exception of the prime minister, the majority of people consider rahul gandhi a mature and serious leader." According to 'Saamana', amid the lok sabha elections, sharad pawar claimed that "BJP will get less seats than the last two lok sabha elections. If bjp gets less seats than the majority, then they will definitely defeat like-minded parties in the country." "We will try to bring together a stable government for the country. Pawar expressed confidence that their seats will reduce in Maharashtra." Let us tell you here, that the lok sabha elections 2019 held in maharashtra were fought jointly by Sharad Pawar's ncp (undivided) and Congress. In the last lok sabha elections, both had won only five seats. Pawar claimed that this time those seats are going to increase.

Referring to the last lok sabha elections, sharad pawar said, congress had got only one seat in the 2019 lok sabha elections in Maharashtra. This year it will improve. congress did not get even a single seat in rajasthan and Gujarat, in both those states congress will definitely get some seats in this lok sabha elections. There will be improvement in the position of congress in the three states of Haryana, punjab and Delhi. Taking a dig at bjp, Pawar said, bjp does not have much influence in tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana, andhra pradesh and Karnataka, hence there is not much scope for them there. sharad pawar said, "The attitude of rahul gandhi and those who support him has changed. After 2019, he has received a good response from the tours etc. he did. There have been some good changes in his leadership style. rahul Gandhi's attitude towards politics. His approach is more serious. He met people, women, youth, Dalits etc. This shows that he is serious about politics."

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