No wonder if Modi loses the election and blames it on Tamils - Jawahirullah

Professor MH Jawahirullah has urged that prime minister Modi should publicly apologize to Tamils for insulting tamil people.

People's party chief MH Jawahirullah has accused prime minister Modi of criticizing Tamils in Odisha. In his statement in this regard, prime minister Modi is sowing hatred day by day and poison day by day in the name of election propaganda. The powerless prime minister is sowing resentment as he goes to tell us what we have done in ten years of rule.He has done cheap political lobbying below his merits that the treasure key of puri jagannath temple has been taken to tamil Nadu. The anger and irritation with naveen patnaik for not being included in the alliance has spilled over to VK Pandian, a tamil IAS officer who oversees Patnaik's administration.

Terrible in Chennai.. Hindu Revivalist Front state leader killed by entering tea shop!

The hatred that he and those who believed in his political ideology had against the Tamils for ages has now come to the fore. No matter where the Tamils are, no matter what responsibility is given to them. They are world famous for fulfilling it. Those who do not hesitate to say it anywhere. Starting from ancient times till today, Tamils have served the country from ministers to high officials in many countries of the world. From capital Delhi to many states of India. Administrative work of Tamils is appreciated by all people.

 Betraying the country. Exploiting resources and running away from the country was never in the genes of Tamils. To the Moterland by the Tamils. For this globe too. Immeasurable benefits are resulting. and universal heritage. Who gave prime minister Modi the right to malign the culturally rich tamil community? It is strongly condemnable that the prime minister, who accepted the post based on the Constitution of india and is common to all the people, spoke like this. Blame the Tamils for the election failure

Modi has humiliated 11 crore Tamils living in the world. prime minister Modi should publicly apologize to Tamils for this. Otherwise we will take appropriate legal action on behalf of Humanity People's Party. The returning officer of the varanasi constituency, where Modi is contesting, is also a Tamil. Jawahirullah said that he would not be surprised if Modi loses the election and blames it on the Tamils.

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