Himachal bjp President Dr. Rajiv Bindal's target…

There are lok sabha elections in himachal pradesh in the seventh and last phase. prime minister narendra modi is coming to address two public meetings in Himachal Pradesh. His first public meeting will be held in Nahan and second public meeting in Mandi. Bharatiya Janata Party's preparations for this are in full swing. Nahan is the home assembly constituency of Himachal bjp President Dr. rajeev Bindal and the responsibility of the arrangements here rests on his shoulders. Dr. Rajiv Bindal has said that all preparations have been completed for the Prime Minister's public meeting. The people of the state are ready to welcome their Prime Minister.

Four days of moonlight...- Bindal

 In Nahan, Himachal bjp President Dr. rajeev Bindal also targeted the opposition alliance. He said, “India alliance is four days of moonlight and then a dark night. After june 4, india Alliance will have no existence in the country. There is no remote existence of india alliance in Himachal Pradesh. He said that the question is constantly asked by the bharatiya janata party as to who will be the prime minister of the india Alliance, but the answer to this has not been received till date. He said that the opposition alliance does not have any leader. Bindal said that congress will get less than 50 seats in the lok sabha elections.

 Narendra Modi is certain to become prime minister for the third time – rajeev Bindal

 Dr. Rajiv Bindal said that the people of the country have faith in the leadership of prime minister Narendra Modi. The whole country is progressing rapidly under the leadership of prime minister Narendra Modi. He said that the bharatiya janata party government has given birth to the politics of development in the country. The public is getting direct benefits of the schemes being run by prime minister narendra modi in public interest. The public has made up its mind to go with the prime minister only. He said that it is absolutely certain that narendra modi will become prime minister for the third time.

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