'You have...', Digvijay Singh's target of questioning Kejriwal…

In the context of swati Maliwal case in delhi, police want to interrogate the parents of chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. For this, time was sought from the kejriwal family on Wednesday. However, today the police did not arrive to record the statement. Meanwhile, aam aadmi party leaders are continuously attacking BJP. He says that cm Kejriwal's old parents are being harassed. Meanwhile, veteran madhya pradesh congress leader and rajya sabha MP Digvijay Singh has also attacked PM Modi. Digvijay Singh posted on X and wrote, "Modi ji, you have crossed the limit. Why do you have animosity towards the old parents of Arvind Kejriwal? Don't do this. god has sent you for the progress of the country or Delhi. Have you come down to harass the parents of the elected cm of Uttar Pradesh?"

Sanjay Singh made these allegations

Ever since delhi police asked to interrogate cm Kejriwal's parents in the swati Maliwal case, AAP has been continuously attacking the central government. AAP leader sanjay singh said, "PM Modi has gone so far in the politics of hatred that now he is getting Arvind Kejriwal's old and sick parents harassed by the police. The father is 84 years old and cannot even walk without any support." He can't even hear properly. His mother was 76 years old and had an operation just a few days ago. sanjay singh further said, "The people of entire delhi and the country are watching this atrocity of PM Modi. The country will respond to this bullying."

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