Important developments are taking place in the politics of Andhra Pradesh. Especially when the results are approaching, some more news is coming to the screen. Even though the ycp party is confident that it will get more seats than in 2019, even among the alliance leaders, they are counting on their power. At a time like this, the statements made by several tdp leaders on the tdp bond with junior ntr are making the fans angry.

Junior ntr has been staying away from tdp for some time. ntr, who mostly focuses on movies, campaigned in support of the tdp party during the 2009 elections. After that, he met with an accident there and finally attended the Mahanadu Sabha and completely stayed away from the tdp party. In the 2014, 19 elections, tdp did not campaign in support. ntr has previously informed us that he will be there whenever his party needs support. After the film rrr, junior ntr met home minister amit shah in hyderabad and other political issues came to the fore.

Moreover, after ycp came to power, junior ntr did not support tdp due to some developments. In particular, Chandrababu started crying. Due to this, many leaders criticized ntr in the past. Even now, tdp leaders are again criticizing ntr after the correct voting has been completed. Recently, buddha venkanna said that Jr. ntr has nothing to do with the tdp party. After 2009, Jr. ntr has never even come for the party's campaign.

After hearing about this, ntr fans are uniting the tdp leaders. Especially during voting time, can such words be said? The ntr fans fired the tdp leaders saying that they were trying to give more priority to lokesh, who does not know how to be a real politician. If the tdp party loses in this election, the situation will be dire Fans are also warning the tdp leaders that there will be a situation where even lokesh will not be able to do anything.. ntr will definitely be needed. It is also said that if ntr says one word, half of the tdp leaders will come out.

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