I come from Kashi which knows no destruction"- PM Modi…

Prime minister Modi said that his victory is not only in this election but also in five or seven elections to come. He said that he belongs to varanasi , varanasi is an indestructible city and also he cannot be destroyed. "Mai to Avinashi Hum, Mai To Kashi Ka Hum.. Kashi To Avinashi Hai (I belong to Kashi.. I cannot be destroyed.. Kashi knows no destruction)," prime minister Narendra Modi boldly replied to the opposition's criticism.

He made these comments after trinamool congress chief mamata banerjee quipped that the Modi government's term would end on june 4. "She was right. This government will end on june 4 and a new government will be formed. yes or no We will form a new government," PM Modi replied. prime minister Modi has made it clear that he does not consider the opposition parties as enemies and wants to work with them and is ready for constructive criticism and advice from experienced opposition leaders.

Prime minister Modi also talked about equaling India's first prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru's record of three consecutive terms as Prime Minister. He said that analysts should tell how much progress india has made under Modi's rule rather than how many times he has been the prime minister. He expressed confidence that Modi will win not only three times but also five or seven times as he has the blessings of 140 crore Indians.

In 2014, the bjp won 282 of the 543 lok sabha seats and came to power as the nda along with its allies. The number of mp seats won by bjp in 2019 increased to 303. Now it is aiming to win 370 seats in the current elections (2024 lok sabha elections). The sixth phase of polling will be held today, while the final phase will be held on june 1. Counting of votes will be done on june 4.

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