The polling for the assembly Parliament elections, which heated Andhra politics once and for all, is over. But even after the end of the polling, even if you think that the situation will become calm. Attacking leaders of one party or other party leaders will become a sensation. As a result, if the situation is like this in normal days, then all the officials are afraid of what will be the situation on the day of election counting.

It must be said that at this time all the officers in all the departments are also falling into confusion. Because some people are predicting that ycp is going to take over the power for the second time. Due to this, the officials are getting confused as they don't know how to deal with them. In this order, some officers who have already worked for jagan are coming in touch with Chandrababu. They are saying that any government will function according to the ideas of those in power. A campaign has gained momentum in Andhra politics.

  On the other hand, they are maintaining rapo with jagan, but the officials are saying that they will work for the government of whichever government comes, instead of being neutral. In this order, in the recent tensions, where there were attacks on the police, cases were not filed. Because they think that if they file a case against the leaders of any party, they will face problems if the same party comes to power. The officials want to remain neutral even till the election results.

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