Recover from the Corrupt, Return to the Poor!!!

After coining the phrase ‘Na Khaunga, Na Khaane Dunga’ to show his resolve against corruption, prime minister Narendra Modi says the next step would be to recover what the corrupt stole and return it to the poor they stole from. In an exclusive interview to News18’s Aman Sharma, Payal Mehta, Aman Chopra and amitabh Sinha, prime minister Modi said the technology-driven era we live in gives massive scope in ensuring corruption-free governance.

“We are in a technology-driven era. The technology is disruptive, transformative, and easily accessed. This gives massive scope with respect to zero-tolerance on corruption,” he added.

Asked how he would take the resolve of ‘Na Khaunga, Na Khaane Dunga’ forward in a potential third term, PM Modi said: “’Na Khaata Hun, Na Khaane Deta Hun’ will always be there, but now I am trying to take it forward. Jisne khaaya hai usse nikalunga, aur jiska gaya hai usko khilaunga (I will recover from those who stole and will return it to those they stole from).”

In the interview, the prime minister also rued not having a “strong Opposition” against him in the last 10 years. “In a democracy, it is very important that there is a strong opposition, which keeps the government on the sword’s edge and on its toes, such an opposition is very necessary. There is no absence of talent in this country and they should get an opportunity. I thought that in 2014 to 2024 that I should have got a strong opposition, if there is one thing missing in my life, it is that of a good opposition,” he said.

Modi said he did not get any positive contribution from the Congress. “They had run the government for 60 years, so I thought I would ask them for advice on their way out so that I would get help. Till pranab mukherjee was there, I benefitted from him as he used to share his experience. But I got no benefit from the opposition. I gained only from my party colleagues and from my experience as gujarat CM,” he said.

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