Will bjp stand again? - Will the congress meet this time?

kamalam party under the leadership of prime minister Modi is trying to score a hat-trick of bjp in the parliament elections. Hastam party, which has been out of power for ten years, is fighting this election in the manner of 'if not now, then never'. In order to come to power in the country's 543 parliamentary seats, any party, even a coalition of parties, has to win 272 seats. But while the bjp is moving its party ranks forward by saying that the target is 400 seats this time, the congress is campaigning in the election campaign saying that the All india is the power.

Will bjp reach the 400 mark?

After ten years of rule, the Modi government is bound to face the same opposition as the kcr government here . There is no doubt that the middle class and the common man are concerned about issues like unemployment, inflation and price rise. In order to overcome this opposition, the Modi government is widely using an emotional issue like the ram mandir as its passport in this election. Moreover, the congress is trying to impress the voters by threatening to demolish the ram mandir if it comes to power. Along with this, they are trying to portray rahul as a friend of pakistan and China, saying that if the congress comes to power, the kashmir issue will surely flare up again, while promoting positive propaganda that it is certain to include the common civil code, article 370, surgical strike and PVK. All this is a strategic attempt by kamal nath to undermine other issues in the country behind this emotional campaign. However, political analysts say that the results of this election will not be as expected by the BJP. In the 2019 parliamentary elections, the bjp won 303 seats and formed the nda government along with its allies. In the same election, the congress party was limited to only 52 seats. But this time , even if the bjp leaders have directed that the nda government should reach the 400 mark, it has become a big question whether it will retain the 303 seats it won in the last election. Analysts who observe the country's politics say that the biggest difference between the congress and the bjp was the issue of the surgical strike against pakistan in the last election.

It is analyzed that this aspect has worked on the people to support the trust in bjp and the strong stand shown by the Modi government towards Pakistan. Kamal Nath's belief is that the construction of ram mandir and article 370 will be useful in this election in the same way. But looking at the situation of bjp in the respective states, there are doubts whether it will be able to regain 303 seats. Although it gained power in Gujarat, rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, it must be said that the party's aggression was hindered to some extent by the loss of power in karnataka and Himachal Pradesh. If this is the case in the North, the bjp will not have the strength in the South. He lost power in the state of karnataka . There is no strength in kerala and tamil Nadu. No strong allies.

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