The andhra pradesh assembly elections were completed after lots of chaos. Especially with the increase in the voting percentage, people are eagerly waiting for the results. What is the specialty of andhra pradesh state politics compared to other states? After 10 years, tdp janasena and bjp entered into the fray again. As usual, the YSP party stood alone in the competition. YSP, which has been in power for five years, has announced that it is not alone this time as it announced an alliance with the people. After the elections, ap cm ycp leader jagan Mohan reddy went to london with his wife.

If the results are favorable on june 4, Jaganmohan reddy will certainly be the cm again. Opposition tdp chief Chandrababu went to America with his wife Bhuvaneshwari. It is not known when Chandrababu will come back. However, janasena Party's Pawan Kalyan, who became interested in ap politics at this time, went to varanasi for Pradhan Modi's nomination after polling. After that, he visited the temples with his wife Anna and since then pawan kalyan was nowhere to be seen.

Perhaps pawan kalyan is taking a break from the news. There are reports that Pawan, who campaigned as part of the election campaign, is very lethargic and also has health problems. Somehow Pawan Kalyan, who fought bad health conditions, immediately reached hyderabad after that. pawan kalyan wrote a letter thanking many activists who fought for janasena in pithapuram and it's been a while he came out of the shell.

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