Gottipati Bujji: Unshakeable Pillar in TDP..!!

- He is a brave man who stood up to the target of the ycp government.

- His political journey was with chandrababu naidu till the end.

-  Ravi knows how to win.

Gottipati Bujji is a firebrand in telugu politics. An unstoppable hero. ravi is credited with owning an image and craze that is unshakeable regardless of parties or regions. ravi, who became an mla in 2004 at a very young age, has built the most fragile political fortress today. Chandrababu used to tell his fellow party leaders that if there were leaders like ravi in at least some of the constituencies, I would not have any tension. One does not point a finger at constituencies. He does his work. The party leaders around him immediately respond to any problem and help him. Also, many people are doing politics by sticking their backs to their own party. ravi does not tolerate such things at all. Moreover, Gottipati ravi is the only mla who survived Jagan's rampage and won even after switching parties.

As soon as jagan became the Chief Minister, he wanted to undermine ravi in any way, politically and economically. Even when various attacks were made on his businesses, he faced them with courage and stood up. He stood as one of the people who breathed life into the tdp in prakasam district. Starting with jagan, the ycp took many steps to get ravi into the party. ravi never succumbed to such heights. He said that he believed in Chandrababu. His political journey was with him till the end. In any case, ravi is very good at making good relations with people. It must be said that this ravi knows how to win.

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