Kutralam: Is bathing in waterfalls allowed in Kutralam? Can tourists go?

 What is the latest update?

Bathing in the waterfalls had been banned for over a week after the summer rains inundated the area. In this situation, tourists have been given permission to bathe in the Koortal waterfalls as the rains have subsided

Summer heat and crime

The summer heat scorched the people. Due to this, they started invading places like ooty and kodaikanal as cool places. After this, the natural water in the waterfalls in Courtalam, thinking that they can play happily in the torrential rain, only rock was presented to the people.

Flash floods in Courtalam

In this situation, there has been widespread summer rain in tamil Nadu for the last 10 days. As a result, the lake and dams in the southern districts are constantly filling up. Water also gushed in the waterfalls in the courtyard. While the tourists were excitedly playing in the waterfalls, a sudden flood claimed the life of a boy. Because of this, bathing in the waterfalls in the courtyard was banned.

Allowed to bathe in waterfalls

Bathing in the Kurdala waterfalls has been prohibited for the past 8 days, but permission was granted the day before yesterday. But the resurgence of the flood forced the closure for the next few hours. In this situation, permission has been given to bathe in all the waterfalls in Courtalam to the delight of the tourists thronging the Courtalam on Sunday, which is a weekend holiday.

kutralam falls

Increase in tourist arrivals

Tourists are allowed to bathe in the main waterfall after the last 9 days. Tourists are enjoying bathing in the gushing water of all the waterfalls including Aindaruvi Old Courtalam Puli Aruvi Chirataruvi. Due to the continuous holiday, the number of tourists has increased towards Courtalam.


Prohibition to go to Manjola

Meanwhile, for the 4th day, tourists have been banned from taking a bath at the Manimutthar waterfalls located in the Western Ghats of tirunelveli district due to the increase in water flow. Also, the ban on tourist sites like Mancholai horse slaughter has continued for the 9th day

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