Elections in andhra pradesh state are over now. The fate of candidates will be out on 4th June. At this moment, the tdp alliance on one side and ycp on the other side are saying strongly that if we win, we will win. But this time it seems that there is a very bitter fight in the state. It can be said that the main reason for this is TDP's alliance with janasena and BJP. He thinks that due to this alliance, BJP's janasena votes will also fall to tdp and win. Even though ycp competed as a single at this time, the competition was fierce. In any case, win or lose must be between the two parties.

Someone has to win. If the tdp comes to power, the entire party will fall under Modi's rule, bjp people believe. But Chandrababu is acting like an alliance with janasena and bjp is a sword in the stomach and laughter inside. It is said that he has entered into an alliance only to win in ap and that he has no love for the bjp at all. Moreover, Modi also does not trust Chandrababu in any sense. They are just smiling and pretending to be together but what is in his mind is in his mind.   Just like Chandrababu supported the nda alliance during the election of the prime minister in the last election, he gave his hand till the end. I will support if nitin gadkari is announced as the prime minister, not to make Modi the Prime Minister.

Since then, there has been some conflict between Modi and Chandrababu. At the same time, if Chandrababu comes to power in the 2024 elections, they say that Chandrababu will support only the party he needs, and there is no possibility of supporting Modi wholeheartedly.   In any case, they say that Modi Chandrababu is smiling and holding knives in his stomach.   That is why Modi did not criticize Jaganu even when he came to andhra pradesh and campaigned.   Looking at this, it seems that Modi likes jagan more than Chandrababu.   Political analysts believe that if Chandrababu also comes to power, he will show a stubborn hand to Modi.

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