It was chevireddy who made assassination attempt…

TDP candidate Puliverthy Nani's car was attacked in chandragiri but Puliverthy nani countered the comments made by sitting mla chevireddy bhaskar reddy, father of ycp candidate chevireddy Mohit reddy, that he did not attempt to kill him. Video evidence of the assassination attempt was shown to the media in a media conference organized at his residence.

Chevi reddy is a stranger to Tummalagunta

He said that mla chevireddy, who is a stranger to Tummalagunta, made comments that the police and judges did not need. He said that he did not come to attack Nani. And Pulivarthi asked me whether the scenes in this video are real. The mla read the same script as what was said in the ramachandrapuram ZPTC press meet. They said that the mla was lying even after being attacked. He said that there was no assassination attempt on Nani. 

YCP cadres have been agitating since the day of nomination

Pulivarthi accused nani of saying that nani was the reason for the quarrels. He said that he had instructed the workers to exercise restraint... A clash took place in front of the RDO office when the ycp mob threw down the tdp flag and trampled it. They accused me of trying to attack my daughter-in-law and daughter in the car. He criticized that cases were filed against 20 people on the same day. On april 12, 2019, you attacked my wife in Tummalagunta.. You threatened a female VRO in Ongolu.. It is ridiculous that you say morals about women. nani showed the media that these are the injuries caused after being attacked with a strike.

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