Given the national-level elections, now everyone is looking towards AP. Along with the general elections, the andhra pradesh elections were also held. There is fierce competition between regional parties in ap like no other state in the country. Especially in the national level media, they have shown a trifle towards AP. It can be said that ycp TDP in particular has a tough competition. Both parties strongly believe that they will come to power in Andhra Pradesh. cm jagan, however, informed us that more than 151 seats will come together.

Jagan, who was close to bjp in the last election, did not join the nda party. Before the election, Chandrababu came out of the nda and was defeated. Many times Jagan's party cooperated with the bjp in rajya sabha due to its lack of strength as expected. But this time, bjp, TDP, and janasena parties allied at the time of the election. Everyone united like this to defeat just one Jagan. However, the alliance did not believe that they would win.

At a time when various discussions are going on, if the ycp party comes to power in the state and secures the majority of seats in the parliament, it is now being heard that jagan will become a key player. Moreover, there are also reports that the bjp may not get the required majority at the center.

At the same time, offers are being made to the ycp party from the congress and the BJP. But for the welfare of the people of ap, jagan has also informed that he will think only after announcing that he will give special status and stop Visakha steel plant from being privatized and cooperate with andhra pradesh in all ways. I don't know how much truth there is in this, but ap politics seems to turn national politics.

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