Major action in pune porsche car accident case…

Police has taken major action on the porsche car accident case in Pune. Two doctors of Sassoon Hospital have been arrested. He is accused of manipulating the blood report of a minor (17 year old) accused. This arrest took place after interrogation. This information has been given by pune police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar.

Allegation of changing blood sample

On the morning of May 19, the accused, while allegedly drunk, had hit two bike riders. In which two people died. Initially the report came that he had not consumed alcohol, but in the CCTV footage of that night, he was clearly seen drinking alcohol in a bar with his friends. It is alleged that the doctor of Pune's Sassoon Hospital had changed the blood sample of the minor. The minor who caused the accident was taken to Sassoon government Hospital in pune for medical examination. During this time, the child's family lured the doctor with money. Dr ajay Taware is the head of forensic medicine and toxicology at Sassoon Hospital, and Dr srihari Harlol is the chief medical officer at the emergency department.

After this, the boy's blood sample was taken by the srihari Harlol department, but after realizing that it might contain alcohol, it was decided to change it. Not only this, Dr. ajay Tavre, who was on leave, especially intervened to hide this crime. After this, the blood sample of the second patient was given for testing. But pune police had decided to send the minor's blood sample to another label for dna testing.

The mobile phones of both the doctors have also been confiscated by the police. police investigation has also revealed that on the day of the accident, there was a phone conversation between Dr. ajay Tavre and the accused's father Vishal Aggarwal.

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