It is known that YS sharmila in the state of andhra pradesh has raised dust till now. YS sharmila contested as an mp of the congress party and made a fuss. It is not known how much the people of andhra pradesh believe in YS sharmila, but the name of YS sharmila is very popular on social media as well as on TV. YS sharmila contested as kadapa mp as a candidate of congress party and showed dots to Jaganmohan Reddy.

  YS sharmila tried to embarrass the ycp party by reminding the murder case of YS Vivekananda Reddy... every day in the campaign. sharmila also told her mother Vijayamma not to vote for kadapa ycp mp candidate avinash Reddy. YS Vivekananda Reddy's daughter YS Sunitha was also brought into the field. sharmila used all the tools for her campaign.

And whether sharmila will win as kadapa mp or not... In such a background, congress senior leader Raghuveera reddy has taken away her dignity. It goes without saying that YS sharmila has no influence in AP. He revealed that the congress party has the power to win only one or two seats in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Raghuveera reddy revealed that we have to wait till 2029 to see the impact of Sharmila.

  Bodhani said directly where Sharmila's influence was seen till then. But he also disclosed that there are chances of sharmila winning as kadapa MP. sharmila said that there is a chance of cross voting in kadapa constituency... only if that happens, sharmila will win. Raghuveera reddy spoke as if otherwise it would be difficult. As a result, Raghuveera Reddy's comments have now become a hot topic in social media and andhra pradesh state politics.

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