Not being able to claim tamil Nadu's rights and taking turns to submit is shameful

Seeman said that it is shocking that the kerala state government has applied to the indian Union Environment Ministry for permission to demolish the mullaperiyar dam and build a new dam.

Mullai Periyar dam issue

Regarding the issue of Mullai Periyar Dam, Nam Tamilar party Coordinator Seeman said in a statement that the Mullai Periyar Dam was built in 1895 to alleviate the severe drought in the southern districts of tamil Nadu due to the efforts of english engineer Mr. john Pennyquick. Five districts namely Theni, Madurai, Dindigul, Sivagangai and Ramanathapuram are getting water supply from Mullai Periyar Dam. This dam provides irrigation facility to more than 2 lakh acres of agricultural land in 5 districts. In addition, Mullai Periyar dam is also the source of drinking water for the people of five districts.

  It was also decided that the right to protect and maintain the dam would be vested in the tamil Nadu government. It is also noteworthy that the supreme court has confirmed the dam safety and the tamil Nadu government's right to protect the dam. But contrary to the supreme court verdict, the kerala state government has been engaging in false propaganda for many years that the Mullai Periyar dam is weak and preventing the water level of the dam from being raised to 152 feet.   As an extension of it, kerala government has applied to the Union government of india for environmental clearance to demolish the existing dam. 

A mockery of indian integrity

It is a little unconscionable for the kerala state government to show seriousness in breaking the mullaperiyar dam, even though the agricultural giants of South tamilnadu are producing the essential produce including vegetables needed by the state of Kerala. indian parties, congress or Communist, whichever party comes to power, trying to break the mullaperiyar dam is a mockery of indian unity.

It is a shame that the DMK, which is in alliance with the congress and the Communist parties, is laughing at the loss of tamil Nadu's rights, and claiming to be Dravidian, Dravidians, and unable to get tamil Nadu's rights to be lost to kerala, karnataka and Andhra states, it is shameful. Therefore, Seeman insisted that the tamil Nadu government should immediately start a legal battle in the supreme court to stop the kerala government's plan to demolish Mulla Periyar dam and build a new dam.

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