3 days meditation at Vivekananda rock: This is the reason PM Modi is coming to Kanyakumari..!

The reason for prime minister Modi's visit to Kanyakumari has been revealed

PM Modi is known to undertake spiritual journeys at the end of election campaigns here are the details.

Lok Sabha elections are going on in 7 phases across the country. While 6 phases of polling have already been completed, the final phase of polling is going to be held on june 1. The election results will be released on june 4. The bjp is aiming to win the election for the third time. For this, prime minister Modi is campaigning for the election by going on a whirlwind tour across the country.

In this situation, prime minister Modi will visit Kanyakumari on the 30th. He will fly from delhi to thiruvananthapuram in kerala and from there he will reach Kanyakumari by helicopter. Later, prime minister Modi will go to Vivekananda Rock in Kanyakumari sea by boat and stay at Vivekananda Mandapam for 3 consecutive days from the evening of 30th May to 1st june and meditate in the Dhyana Mandapam there. Security arrangements have been beefed up in Kanyakumari ahead of the Prime Minister's visit.

Meanwhile, the reason for prime minister Modi's visit to Kanyakumari has been revealed. That is, at the end of every election campaign, PM Modi makes it a habit to take spiritual journeys. During the last election campaign in 2019, he had visited Kedarnath. During the last election campaign in 2019, prime minister Modi visited Shivaji's Pratapgarh.

Following this, prime minister Modi, who is coming to Kanyakumari during the 2024 lok sabha election campaign, will visit the Vivekananda rock and meditate day and night from the evening of May 30 to the evening of june 1 at the same place where Vivekananda meditated.

Kanyakumari is where Swami Vivekananda had darshan of Bharata Mata. This rock had a great influence on the life of Swami Vivekananda. people believe that this rock holds a special place in the life of Swami Vivekananda just as Sarnath holds a special place in the life of Gautama Buddha.

Swami Vivekananda, who wandered all over the country, came to Kanyakumari and stayed on this rock for 3 days of meditation and achieved his vision of a developed India. PM Modi also meditating at the same place shows his commitment to bringing Vivekananda's Vixit Bharat vision to life. Goddess Parvati is also believed to have meditated on one leg while waiting for Lord shiva at the same place.

Kanyakumari, the southern tip of India, is also the confluence of three seas. The meeting point of three oceans, the indian Ocean, the Bay of bengal and the Arabian Sea

It is said that PM Modi's visit to Kanyakumari, which is a Yaga, is a signal of national unity. His visit to tamil Nadu even after the election is said to show the Prime Minister's deep commitment and love for tamil Nadu.

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