In the two telugu states, no one does not know about Nandamuri Balayya. Nandamuri balayya is making his way as a tollywood star hero as well as an mla of telugu Desam. However, telugu desam party mla Nandamuri balayya, who is excelling in both fields, is always involved in some kind of controversy. Whatever he has done recently will be sensational.

In some cases it becomes controversial. balayya has a habit of hitting fans who come for selfies. If he grabs the mic after going to any event there are always controversial comments. balayya fans do not take all this very seriously. But those who don't understand what balayya means, troll him badly on social media. But that's exactly what happened.

Hindupuram telugu desam party mla Nandamuri balayya is embroiled in another controversy. Vishvaxen's current movie is Gangs of Godavari. The free release event of this movie was very grand on Tuesday. But actor Nandamuri Balayya... came as the chief guest for this program. But this is where the big controversy took place. balayya pushed the heroine anjali onto the stage. It was seen that Nandamuri balayya pushed heroine anjali for fun. It is clear in the video that anjali is also smiling in the background.

After that, balayya was seen having fun talking to the heroine anjali again. anjali answered Balayya's questions funnily. A video related to this has gone viral on social media. But ycp is using this issue badly on social media. telugu desam party leader balakrishna once again misbehaved with women. ycp is furious. ycp is posting on social media that balakrishna behaved rudely with women after drinking alcohol in the free release event held on Tuesday. balayya is being tagged and fired by ycp activists saying that a woman is so lighthearted

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