Politics is not permanent for anyone. Candidates who win once lose again. Defeat is inevitable for a big leader like NTR. We don't want to talk about the others. people also made kcr who brought telangana a separate state sit at home. The judgment of such people should be respected and not rejected. Currently, elections were held in andhra pradesh on May 13. tdp and ycp took these elections as Chao Rao. If tdp loses this time, they have fought as if there is no life left. In this case, if tdp loses, will they have a future?

 Telugu Desam party was founded on march 29, 1982 by Anna NTR. The party was brought to power within a few months. At that time congress was running. However, it can be said that the National congress party leaders were afraid of ntr as he brought the party to power in a short time. Such ntr ruled in unison for some periods.

 NTR to Chandrababu:
 Former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu has already seen many elections. Almost four decades have passed since his entry into politics. He created a record by serving as the chief minister for 9 years in the united Andhra Pradesh. He created history as the first chief minister after the separation of the state. Such Chandrababu took this election very ambitiously. If he wins this election, there will be no one to beat Chandrababu. telugu desam party also has a future. Many political analysts say that if he loses, then his political career is over. After the rule of ntr, the party came into the hands of Chandrababu. In the 1999 elections, everyone thought that ntr would be defeated by the tdp leaders. But Chandrababu won a huge victory in that election. And after YS Rajasekhar reddy won in 2004, a kind of politics ran till 2009. After the death of ysr in 2009 till 2014 another type of politics was run.

 At this time there was uncertainty in the state of Andhra Pradesh. telangana movement on one side and congress on the other side was a power struggle between the political leaders, and it was during this time that telangana and andhra pradesh were separated. Chandrababu became the first chief minister after the separation. After that in 2019, Jaganmohan reddy became CM. After this new state came, he ruled for another time. But this election is very important. If Chandrababu loses, he will have no political future. Because of age. Like in the past, the power of holding the nerve of the people and gathering all the leaders to do politics in the state has been lost. If lokesh enters as his successor, there is a feeling among his own tdp leaders that he does not have that much stamina. junior ntr has already moved away from TDP. As if balakrishna traveled on two boats, he is doing politics on one hand while making films on the other. At a time like this, it can be said that the defenders of the party have become scarce. If tdp loses, it is also said that pawan kalyan will beat ycp next. If tdp loses, many tdp leaders will join Jana Sena. Political analysts believe that there is a possibility of competition between Jana Sena and ycp in the next elections. And the future of which party will come out on june 4.

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