We all know that the parliament and assembly elections have been completed in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Once the elections are over, all eyes are on the results. As a result, the parties are acting as if it is their responsibility to win. If YSP is saying that they will come to power again. the alliance parties are saying that they will break Jagan's forts. The survey reports also gave positive for the telugu Desam alliance and some gave in favor of YCP.

With this, everyone is excited about which party will come to power in the state of Andhra Pradesh. But the ycp party, which was in favor of prime minister Narendra Modi's government until recently is now away from them. The reason for this is the BJP's alliance with telugu Desam Party. But if the alliance comes to power in the next elections, ycp and bjp will grow further apart.

 If the alliance does not come to power in ap, the situation will turn upside down. All the surveys have concluded that the Modi government is going to be formed in the country anyway. Even if there is a need for regional parties, many parties are ready to give support. With this, if the ycp party comes to power in ap  there is a chance that Jaganmohan reddy will once again go to prime minister Narendra Modi.

 If Jaganmohan reddy wins more assembly seats, there is a chance of winning mp seats on a large scale. That means the bjp also needs those MPs. Central help is needed to avoid such cases. bjp and ycp parties should meet again for the needs of both. Then the leaders of telugu Desam will have a shock.

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