No one cares which party will come to power in the elections held in andhra pradesh state. people are also very excited. This time the election was very ambitious for all the political parties. Especially, whichever party comes to power, it will remain a historic victory to be claimed. Many ycp leaders strongly believe that only jagan can create such history. Exactly five years ago on May 30, 2019, indira gandhi was sworn in as the second chief minister of andhra pradesh to thunderous applause at the stadium.

Starting with YS Jaganmohan Reddy, I took the oath of office in a grand manner. The ycp won an undisputed victory with 151 legislative seats and 22 lok sabha seats. In the history of the state, such a record has been made in such a way that it can be counted in golden letters. The five-year administration continued in the same way. With this, ycp leaders are very slow to announce that cm jagan is going to take over the power in ap again.

If the ycp party wins more seats in this election than in the last election, it will definitely be a historic victory. Also, if it wins the election, it has also been announced that it will take oath as the cm from Visakhapatnam. Now there are reports that the historic event on 30th May 2019 is going to be repeated on 9th June. ycp leaders are confident that Jagan's swearing-in will be done so that the entire state can be heard and the focus of the country will be on AP. And it will be known on june 4 whether the belief of ycp leaders will come true or not.

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