Previous elections will be together, this time elections will be together. Jana Sena's pawan kalyan is the reason why the elections in ap have become juicy this time. Yes, people know very well that he is the one who breathed life into the almost extinct tdp party. But some ego may not accept this. In any case, today, Andhra politics is ruled and ruled by the Jana Sena, any child here will tell you. As the election results are nearing, the surveys have gained momentum. It is noteworthy that almost all the surveys are coming with pawan kalyan as the center.

However, there are criticisms that it also contains some paid surveys. It can be said that pre-poll surveys are one height and post-poll surveys are another height. Especially social media is suffocating people with these types of surveys. Coming to the actual matter.. now is the crucial time that everyone is eagerly waiting for. Yes, release of exit poll surveys. Polling for the final phase of the lok sabha elections on june 1 will end at 6 pm. The next moment exit poll surveys will be published in leading media channels. But this time most of the people in the whole country are focused on AP. The reason for that is the alliance.

Now the excitement is what the exit polls are going to say. On the other hand, it is reported that the opposition parties have directed their party cadre not to get tensed after seeing the exit polls. And there are various campaigns based on what the exit polls say. Yes, now the exit polls are going to say that the war has become one-sided in AP. They say that it is not possible to get a majority as everyone thinks. It is said that the winning party can come with no less than 130. There are whispers that the exit polls have come in favor of the ruling ycp as well as the tdp alliance in AP. But we have to wait till june 4 to know who got more.

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