Annamalai is a person who is worthless and who has no maturity.

Jayakumar said that he is not ready to discuss with a politician and is not ready to discuss with a political businessman.

Living in religious harmony

Former chief minister and AIADMK General Secretary Jayalalada was a Hindutva and a staunch devotee of hinduism, bjp State President annamalai and former governor and bjp executive tamilisai said. In response to this, AIADMK's former minister Jayakumar met the media at the chennai airport. He said that Annamalai's opinion is not acceptable to the people of tamil Nadu but to Tamils all over the world. During her reign, jayalalitha created a good environment in tamil Nadu to the extent that Hindus, Muslims, Christians and other minority communities could live in religious harmony.

Are there no leaders in the BJP?

BJP state president annamalai is worthless and immature person. annamalai is an immature politician. Why does annamalai refuse to talk about Advani and Vajpayee who struggled to develop bjp if there are no leaders in BJP. He works as DMK's B team. There are so many problems in the country, does annamalai open his mouth about the law and order issue. annamalai has no tirani to condemn it. They are doing a despicable act of subduing Amma into a religion. He severely criticized annamalai as not a politician but a political disease or a political trader.

BJP state president annamalai is worthless and immature person. annamalai is an immature politician. He continued to speak and said, Can tamilisai, who was a governor, give false information? He says he sent men to shore service. It is irresponsible to say that the AIADMK leaders themselves spoke about it. Examples He said that I am ready to quit politics if my mother told me to send people to shore service. A ram temple should be built and a mosque should be there, that's what mother wanted.

Annamalai is a political trader

The one who questioned if you are all religious because of the devotion to God, mother had the devotion to God. But there is no religious division. annamalai is a semi-vekkadu that does not even know this basic thing. In which car did he come to Annamalai? He is going in a car called today. All that is not earned by work is also embodied in corruption. bjp has cheated people. A political trader Aravekkadu should we go and discuss with them, we can discuss with the politician, the political trader is not ready to discuss. He said that bjp is not considered as a big party in tamilnadu and they see Chaval as a child.

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