Even after waiting, did not get the ministerial post…?

The nda government has been formed in the country. narendra modi has become the prime minister of india for the third time. The central government has started work. This time five MPs from rajasthan have got a place in the Modi cabinet. But the region which plays an important role in forming the government has been neglected once again. The congress government has also made a Union minister from here but the bjp has been dry for decades. bjp has not given a ministerial post from here.

Mewar and Vagad have 28 assembly and 4 lok sabha seats. 28 seats play a big role in forming the government of the state. Getting a place for five MPs from rajasthan quota in the Modi cabinet is important. We are talking about the prominent udaipur lok sabha seat of Mewar. bjp has scored a hat-trick of victory from udaipur lok sabha seat. BJP's Mannalal Rawat has won. This seat has got a ministerial post only once in 72 years.

After years of waiting, the hope of getting a ministerial post was not fulfilled

The only cabinet minister from Mewar in the congress government was girija Vyas. After years of waiting, the seat of Mewar is yearning for a ministerial post. Before girija Vyas, even mohanlal Sukhadia, who was the longest serving chief minister of rajasthan, was not made a minister. If we talk about the whole of Mewar, no one became a minister from the tribal seat Banswara. BJP's state president CP Joshi became mp for the third time. Everyone was hoping that he would be given a ministerial post. But he did not get a place in the Modi cabinet. Earlier, congress had made CP Joshi a minister from Mewar. bjp did not make anyone a minister from here.

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