Supriya Sule took a dig at ajit pawar faction?

NCP (Sharadchandra Pawar) mp Supriya Sule on monday said she was not surprised that the Ajit Pawar-led congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='nationalist congress party-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>nationalist congress party (NCP) did not get a place in prime minister Narendra Modi's new cabinet. Speaking to reporters here on the 25th foundation day of the ncp, the Baramati mp said that there should be a complete loan waiver for farmers in the first cabinet meeting of the NDA. During the UPA regime, the ncp worked as an ally in the manmohan singh government.

She said manmohan ji showed trust and love towards Pawar sahab and he got two and a half cabinet berths, while the party had only eight or nine MPs at that time. She said the congress did not think about the numbers and respected the party as its ally.

In the maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government too, everyone treated each other with respect. We are not adamant on any formula. Our relationship is based on mutual respect and merit, Sule said. The mp said he is not surprised that the ncp did not get a place in the Cabinet. I have seen closely how they (BJP) have treated their allies in the last 10 years. Their approach is not of 'ek hi taraf ka vyavahar' (equal treatment). On Sunday, maharashtra Deputy chief minister devendra fadnavis had said that the ncp wants a place in the cabinet in the Modi government and has turned down the BJP's offer of a minister of State (MoS) with independent charge. ajit pawar has said that the ncp is ready to wait but wants a place in the Cabinet.

The ncp, part of the ruling alliance with the bjp and shiv sena in maharashtra, performed poorly in the lok sabha elections and won just one seat (Raigad) out of four seats. It also lost the prestige battle in Baramati, where Ajit Pawar's wife Sunetra Pawar was defeated by sitting mp Sule.

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