Will maharashtra assembly elections give shock to Eknath? 

Assembly elections are to be held in maharashtra after a few months. Mahavikas Aghadi (MVA) has geared up for this. Meanwhile, shiv sena (UBT) mp has already claimed victory. sanjay raut said, "Until we form the government in maharashtra, our soul will keep wandering. shiv sena (UBT), Congress, ncp will contest the assembly elections together and form the government. Now there is an nda government, now we will not ask questions to PM Modi but to chandrababu naidu and Nitish Kumar. This is PM Modi's borrowed power. As long as both of them are kind, narendra modi will remain in power."

Attacking PM Modi, Raut said, "Modi has already made it clear that he will not bring a Muslim. He thinks that Muslims have not voted for him, so he will not be made a minister. This is against democracy and the constitution. If PM Modi has not made a Muslim minister from his quota, then I will ask Naidu and Nitish ji that you should have made someone from your quota, did you also come under pressure."

Raut said about the nda parties, "I will ask questions that which big ministry did Naidu and cm Nitish Kumar get. What did chirag paswan get, what did Jitan ram Manjhi get, which big ministry did they get? Chandrababu Naidu's party TDP has 18 MPs and Nitish has 12-14 MPs. When these people did not get anything, then what will he (Ajit Pawar) get."

The shiv sena (UBT) spokesperson has also asked a big question about the distribution of ministries in Modi government 3.0. Raut said, "Kumaraswamy has got the most rejected ministry. Nobody else has got anything... bjp has divided all the ministries among itself. This government will not last long. bjp people are very afraid of others. Remove CBI, IT, ED etc., these are their soul, if you remove them then they are nothing. Keep these agencies aside and come in front of us in the field, they will not last even for a minute. What do you have other than these agencies, these are very cowardly people."

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