Giriraj Singh took charge of the ministry…

Union minister and mp from Begusarai giriraj singh took charge of his department (Textile Ministry) on tuesday (11 June). Talking to the media, giriraj singh said that today I have taken charge. Today is the first day. The textile sector is the sector that provides the most jobs in the country. I will only say that in the coming days, we will all work to take textile forward under the guidance of the prime minister in accordance with the aspirations of the country, because it is also related to the farmer.

On a question from the media that Tejashwi Yadav has said that the Center has given him a rattle in the name of the ministry. On this, giriraj singh said that the people of the country and the people of bihar have given him a rattle in his hands, that's why he keeps talking like this.

On a question that Tejashwi has said that this time if the agencies are misused, he will break everything. The opposition is strong. On this, giriraj singh said that the government does not misuse the strength of numbers. The law punishes those who do wrong. No matter how big a criminal someone is, he will have to suffer punishment. parliament is not for breaking things and for hooliganism. It is for working in public interest.

'Textile industry is not just about clothes and fashion...'

Giriraj Singh wrote on instagram as soon as he took over the department on tuesday, "I feel honored and excited to take on the role of Textile minister, this is a post which holds great importance for the economy, culture and heritage of our country. The textile industry is not just about clothes and fashion, it is a symbol of our rich history, diverse traditions and the entrepreneurial spirit of millions of artisans, workers and businesses." He further wrote, "Taking charge of the Textile Ministry is a responsibility that I accept with great enthusiasm. Together we will build a future that is not only economically strong but also socially and environmentally responsible. Our journey ahead is full of opportunities and I am confident that with collective efforts we will achieve remarkable milestones."

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