Bhagwant Mann met cm kejriwal in Tihar Jail…

Punjab cm bhagwant mann went to tihar jail and met delhi cm Arvind Kejriwal. This is the first meeting between cm kejriwal and bhagwant mann after the results of the lok sabha elections came out. The performance of the aam aadmi party in the lok sabha elections has been normal. In punjab, it won only three seats while in delhi it could not open an account. While it could not win any seat in haryana and gujarat as well.

CM kejriwal surrendered on june 2 after the expiry of the 21-day interim bail period. Even before this, bhagwant mann had gone to the cm residence and met him. On april 15, bhagwant mann met cm kejriwal in jail, after which he alleged that he was allowed to meet him only for 30 minutes and there was a mirror between the two. Kejriwal's face was not clearly visible due to the mirror being dirty.

Wife Sunita and Raghav Chadha have met

Before bhagwant mann, cm Kejriwal's wife Sunita kejriwal and after the election results, cm Kejriwal's wife Sunita kejriwal also went to Tihar and met him. During this, rajya sabha MP Raghav Chadha was present with them. This meeting lasted for one and a half hours when the meeting was held in a room of the jail.

AAP will contest elections alone in Delhi

Aam Aadmi party contested elections in delhi, gujarat and haryana in alliance with congress where it could not even open its account, while it contested alone in punjab where it managed to win three seats. AAP contested four seats in delhi, one in haryana and two in Gujarat. At the same time, after the election results, AAP has decided to contest the assembly elections to be held in delhi next year alone.

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