Jewelry worth Rs 300 sold for Rs 6 crore!!!

A jewelery businessman of jaipur has done a great game. An American woman had bought jewelry worth Rs 6 crore two years ago which turned out to be fake, which was actually worth only Rs 300. Now American woman Cherish has started an investigation for this. One has been arrested in this case and two are absconding. Actually, Cherish had bought jewelry worth Rs 6 crore from Rama Rhodium shop in jaipur during 2022-23. This had many stone and gold ornaments. When Cherish showed those jewelery to the people during a jewelry exhibition in America, they turned out to be fake.

There was talk of returning the money, but...

He got it investigated and now he has registered a case in Jaipur. police say that earlier the jewelery shopkeeper was talking about returning the money, but now the father and son are absconding. However, the person who made the fake hallmark has been caught.

Is the story like this?

Additional DCP Bajrang Singh Shekhawat, who is investigating this case in jaipur, said that this case is of two years ago. Now when the American woman Cherish registered the case, revelations have been made in her investigation. In fact, during the year 2022-23, the foreign woman had bought rings, necklaces, diamonds etc. jewelry worth around Rs 6 crore from Gaurav Soni and Rajendra Soni. When these jewelery were shown to the customers in a jewelry exhibition in America in February, they turned out to be fake.

The gold jewelery that was told to be of 14 carats turned out to be of 9 carats. Not only this, granite stone was given as diamond. Gaurav Soni and Rajendra Soni, who work in gems and jewelers, are now absconding. Earlier they were talking about returning the money by giving two days' time.

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