Deepender Singh claims congress govt will be formed...

Congress, which lost all the seats in haryana in the last lok sabha elections, has won five seats in the 2024 lok sabha elections. haryana congress seems very excited with its victory. In this episode, Deepender Singh Hooda, mp from rohtak lok sabha seat, posted on his social media account x and wrote that haryana has given a historic mandate in favor of congress in this lok sabha election. Congress's vote has increased in all 90 assembly constituencies of the state as compared to bjp, increase of more than 25,000 votes in 78 seats, increase in the remaining 12 as well.

Big victory registered on rohtak seat

Let us tell you that Deepender Singh Hooda has registered a big victory on the rohtak lok sabha seat. He defeated bjp candidate Arvind Sharma by 345298 lakh votes. Deepender Singh Hooda got 783578 votes while Arvind Sharma could get only 438280 votes.

'Will wave the flag of victory on all seats'

Apart from mp Deepender Singh Hooda, haryana congress State President Udaybhan has also claimed victory of congress in the assembly elections. He said that congress is preparing strongly for the upcoming assembly elections and will wave the flag of victory on all seats. He said that it is clear from the results of the lok sabha elections that the vote share of congress has increased. The political atmosphere of the state is in favor of Congress. This is being seen as an auspicious sign in terms of assembly elections.

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