Chandrababu showed an inclination to use Kanna differently..!?

- Babu who sided with Kanna for Godavari Kapu leaders.
- Two seats for Janasena.
- Kanna's hopes evaporated due to Kamma's priority blow in Guntur.

Today, the inextricable link between caste associations and politics has become like that of a child in its mother's womb. Politically the parties are bound to face difficulties. Even the reddy social class, which had supported and brought ycp to power in the past, was crushed due to these equations. Now, when it comes to Chandrababu, BCs are the main caste groups that are supporting him. If these classes are not given priority, the very existence of the party is at stake. And, changing tastes.. caste-wise rising leaders are becoming another ordeal. In this context, if more positions are given to one caste and fewer positions to some other castes, it becomes a reason for political conflict. That's why, change is becoming inevitable.
This is not only at the level of the states, castes and classes have also increased at the central level. It is in this context that senior leader, ex-minister, and political strategist, even though he has earned a good name as a methodical leader, the argument is being heard that Chandrababu should not put Kanna Lakshminarayan next to him. A political departure is not the case after a long experience as a minister in YS Jamana. He saw many prime ministers. Also experienced many positions.

However, when it comes to the matter of the latest cabinet, two have been given ministerial posts from the guntur district. With this, he had to be put aside. Moreover, janasena leader Pawan from the Kapu social class and party leader Kandula Durgesh. tdp leader nimmala ramanaidu and Narayan. It is reported that Chandrababu has shown an inclination to use Kanna in a different way even if he has experience, even if he is senior.

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