In a controversial incident that unfolded on social media, the kerala unit of the indian national congress found itself embroiled in a furor over a now-deleted post mocking prime minister Narendra Modi's meeting with Pope Francis. The post, which featured a picture of PM Modi with the Pope, carried the caption, "Finally, the Pope got a chance to meet God!" This remark was perceived as a sarcastic dig at Modi's earlier statement where he expressed his belief in being "sent by God" for a purpose.

The post swiftly drew condemnation from various quarters, particularly from members of the bharatiya janata party (BJP), who criticized it as disrespectful and offensive to both the prime minister and the Pope. Amid mounting backlash, the congress party took down the post and issued an apology in an attempt to mitigate the fallout.

However, the controversy continued to escalate as bjp leaders accused the congress of insulting not just the prime minister but also Christians in general, despite the fact that sonia gandhi, the former congress President, is a practicing Catholic. amit Malviya, a prominent bjp figure, called for sonia gandhi to personally apologize to believers for the perceived disrespect.

In response to the uproar, the congress cited a statement by Pope Francis that humor involving god is not necessarily blasphemous, attempting to defend the intent behind the controversial post. The Pope had reportedly remarked, "When you manage to make even god smile with a witty remark, you've truly achieved something." This statement was used by congress to imply that the post was meant in jest rather than malice.

The incident highlighted the delicate intersection of religious sentiments and political discourse in India, sparking debates over freedom of expression, religious tolerance, and the responsibilities of political parties in maintaining decorum on social media platforms.

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