Will Vangalapudi Anita make ap a ganjai Free state...!?

-The main goal is to make Andhra cannabis free.
-Officials supporting ycp may resign.
-There are 300 cases of ganja smuggling across the state.

The elections in andhra pradesh were held in a frenzy. The results of the elections were announced with excitement. In the end, the alliance raised the victory banner. It is known that some of those who won as MLAs in many areas have entered the assembly as ministers, especially Anitha Vangalapudi, who took office as the home Minister. And recently she revealed to the media that the main goal is to make Andhra free from cannabis. Recently, she went to visit Lord simhadri Appanna Swamy in Simhachalam. First, the temple authorities welcomed her with a full moon and made arrangements for her visit. She said that she came here to visit Lord Appanna Swamy after becoming a minister. She said that a solution would be found soon. She criticized that some police officers in the Vaikapa government had worked as stooges of the party leaders.
. At least no funds have been given for the maintenance of police stations. We will set up a special task force to crack down on ganja. Already in Visakha, 1252 cases have been registered against ganja smuggling. There are 300 cases of ganja smuggling across the state. And we need to prevent ganja which means we also need public cooperation. police should be the perspective of doing good to the people. We will put the system in a groove within three months. There will be a massive purge in the police department. The first goal is to make andhra pradesh ganja-free. Definitely a ganja-free andhra pradesh within three months. Andhra home minister Vangalapudi Anitha has promised that we will make it as All in all, people say hats off to Anita's decision. And let's see if she will make cannabis free in Andhra as promised.

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