Bageshwar Dham Sarkar's challenge-warns opponents...P3

Despite all of the resistance, Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Pandit Dhirendra Shastri's divine court in mumbai was decorated, and he invited the opponents to visit the court.

Dhirendra Shastri further said that those who are opposing him should come to him and apply. He will bring out each and every hidden stain in front and his hypocrisy will be seen, he will come in front of them. Water and milk will both turn into their respective elements.  He further said that he is not speaking for himself but for the coming generation. So that no one can throw stones at the temple.

Taking a jibe at his opponents, he said that not everyone can digest every rag. For example, if a dog licks honey, it dies. If a donkey licks sugar candy, it dies. Similarly, if a crow eats the fruit of a neem tree, it dies. He also said that the temple of Bageshwar Dham would be built in the thane area adjacent to Mumbai.

Dhirendra Shastri said that he will not do any such work, due to which Sanatan dharma has to be looked down upon. But he will accept india by making it a Hindu nation. Referring to the Palghar incident, Dhirendra Shastri said that the kind of cruelty that happened to the saints of Palghar should not happen again.

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