Dos and Don'ts of Ganpati Bappa Puja at Home!

A significant festival honouring Lord Ganesha called ganesh chaturthi is quickly approaching. It celebrates the occasion of Lord Ganesha's birth and is widely observed in India. september 19 through september 28 will be dedicated to its celebration. In places like Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad, this festival is especially grand. Devotees welcome Lord Ganesha's idol into their homes for ten days during Ganesh Utsav, and at the conclusion of the festival, they immerse it in a body of water. This year, Ganesh Utsav will last from september 18 to september 28. Here are some crucial recommendations to take into account if you plan to host Ganpati Bappa in your home.


1. For luck and fortune, always include a regal crown when creating a Ganesha idol. 

2. Regardless of whether you make or buy the idol, make sure Lord Ganesha is seated and is accompanied by his mouse companion and a few "modaks" for good luck. 

3. When welcoming him home, drape a red cloth, or "chunari," over the Ganesha idol. 

4. To make auspicious, face the Ganesha idol east, west, or northeast.


1. Devotees and their families should refrain from eating garlic and onions after installing Lord Ganesha (Ganpati Sthapna). 

2. Never depart from your house without Lord Ganesha. Make sure that the idol is always with at least one family member. 

3. As a sign of respect, give Lord Ganesha aarti, puja, and bhog (food offerings) before immersing him. 

4. Perform Ganpati Sthapna on time and follow the installation's auspicious muhurat (timing). 

5. As a sign of respect and devotion to Lord Ganesha, abstain from meat and alcohol during the 10-day festival.

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