Chithirai festival.. RB Udayakumar cooked food with his family to give food to the devotees.

AIADMK former minister RB Udayakumar along with his family cooked together with his family to provide food to the devotees as lakhs of devotees participated in the main event of the Chitrai festival, the Kalalhagar landing in the Vaigai river.RB Udayakumar cooked food for the devotees who participated in Chitrai festival.Chitrai festival is being celebrated with enthusiasm in Madurai. The main event of this painting festival was the descent of the Kallaghagar river into the vaigai river today. In this event lakhs of devotees from not only tamil Nadu but also from various states watched the descent of Kallazhaka in vaigai river with devotion. In this situation, on behalf of AIADMK Amma Council and Amma Charitable Trust, it was decided to give food to the public.Chitra Pelarnami festival in Kannagi temple.. large number of devotees visit Sami. RB Udayakumar cooked food for the devotees who participated in Chitrai festival .

Food for the devotees

After this, Deputy leader of Legislative assembly R. P. Udayakumar was engaged in cooking with his family. He used to cut vegetables like eggplant, tomato, onion, and drumstick needed for alms and prepared it together with his family. Following this, he said in a press conference: madurai is a film festival and jallikattu sports event. In particular, Meenakshi Sundareswarar Thirukalyanam, Chariotam program, followed by Kallazhgar's descent into the vaigai river were held to mark the Chitrai festival.RB Udayakumar cooked food for the devotees who participated in Chitrai festival .

RB Udayakumar cooking with family

This year Kallazhaka dressed in green silk and descended into the river. Our forefathers would say that agriculture will be prosperous with this. He said that on behalf of the general secretary of the association, Edappadiyar, he wishes all the people well on the occasion of this painting festival. On special occasions like this, alms giving program will be organized by Kazhagam Amma Council and Amma Charitable Trust. He said that a series of alms distribution was already held for the devotees going to palani padayatra, and now the alms distribution program is going on for the pilgrims visiting Kallazagar.

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