FIFA World Cup: Japanese fans video winning hearts!!!

In the FIFA world cup 2022, japan has created a huge upset by defeating germany 2-1. After the match was over, the Japanese fans present in the stadium and the entire team were jubilant. However, after this a video has surfaced in which the whole world is praising what the fans who came to watch the match did. The video has been shared from the official twitter handle of FIFA itself. After the match, the fans present in the stadium cleaned the stadium by collecting empty bottles, plastic and other garbage.

Japanese Fans Video Winning Hearts

Sharing this video, FIFA wrote, 'Cleaning the stadium after the historic victory in the FIFA World Cup. Respect for the fans of Japan. social media users have become accustomed to seeing this video.

Ccleanliness and discipline are followed in the social life of Japan. In the last world cup too, after the defeat to Belgium, the video of Japanese fans went viral. 

Japan created history by defeating germany 2-1

FIFA world cup 2022 is proving to be full of big vicissitudes. First, saudi arabia surprised the whole world by defeating Argentina. After this, japan has done a big upset by defeating 4-time champion germany 2-1. Germany's team is at number 11 and japan at number 24 in the FIFA rankings. This vicissitudes of japan and saudi arabia is being considered as a sign of breaking the european supremacy of football.

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